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COMPETENCE My main competence is within applied biospectroscopy and rapid quality assessment of foods. My interests cover front face fluorescence, NIR and Raman spectroscopy. I do also have some experience with spectral imaging, which is a very fascinating and powerful technique. To work efficiently with analysis of spectra from very complex biomaterials, multivariate modelling (chemometrics) is a necessity! I have strong interests in these statistical methods, but at a practical level – they are useful tools. Central applications in my work: · Measurement of auto-oxidation and photo-oxidation in meat, fish and dairy products by fluorescence spectroscopy. · On-line measurement of fat, water, protein, colour and colour defects by NIR and
VIS spectroscopy and imaging · Determination of connective tissue in meat and fish by fluorescence spectroscopy · Raman spectroscopy on biomaterials – how to cope with background fluorescence At our institute I am a principal researcher and project manager for one of ten basic research projects: Effective assessment of food quality by rapid spectroscopic and sensor techniques (Strategic institute project). I also mange several R&D projects for the Norwegian Research Council and different Norwegian companies, primarily connected to feed and foods. Water distribution in whole dried salted cod based on on-line imaging NIR system. Multivariate curve resolution (based on PARAFAC) to resolve pure spectra of porphyrins and chlorophylls