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Below is a sample of the services we can provide.

Packaging testing
  • We have broad knowledge of food packaging, and can undertake specific projects to test packaging, etc.
  • We can assist in connection with documentation and compliance with regulations for food-grade packaging.
Consumer studies
  • We have insights into industrial procurement behaviour and consumer behaviour.
  • We have developed methods for generating consumer insights and combining them with sensory knowledge.
  • We offer statistical software (ConsumerCheck) for analysing consumer data.
  • We can facilitate innovation processes (through “Design Thinking”, open innovation and future scenarios).
Chemical, biological and microbiological analyses and measurements
  • Analyses of protein and nitrogen compounds.
  • Analyses of fats and oils.
  • Pigment analyses.
  • Microbiological analyses of feed and foodstuffs.
  • Physical measurements.
  • Mineral analyses.
Courses and advice
  • We offer courses in relevant areas that we research, including within the local food programmes.
  • We offer a service where one or more researchers/advisers can visit the company to get advice on production methods, quality, shelf life, etc.
Quality and risk assessments
  • We have broad knowledge of raw material and product quality, and we can offer specific services to industry by agreement.
  • We have broad knowledge of risk assessments and food safety/durability, and offer related services.
  • We offer services related to measuring the quality and durability of seafood products, as well as describing processes and products for foods of marine origin.
Market studies
  • We understand the important markets for Norwegian seafood.
  • We offer advice on sustainability and eco-labelling.
Product innovation
  • We offer prototype and/or concept development services.
  • We have experts in baked goods, meat products and food preparation and can offer services to industry.
Sensory analyses
  • We carry out analysis assignments using Nofima’s trained assessors in the sensory laboratory.
  • We offer advice and training for sensory panels, panel management and the use of relevant software.
Infection models

We implement in-vivo and in-vitro infection models in fish with bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Test production
  • We have pilot factories for the production of commercial products for food (Biotep) and feed (ATC).
  • We have processing equipment that companies can use to test new production methods or improve existing processes.
  • We can test new equipment and technology for aquaculture and the fisheries industry.
Equipment testing

We can test aquaculture equipment to investigate its biological effects on fish.

Economic, profitability and ripple effect analyses
  • We conduct business economic analyses of the seafood industry, including profitability factors and ripple effect analyses. 
  • We offer these types of analyses to customers who need more specific and detailed analyses. These could be analyses of a specific region, parts of a value chain and/or a specific period of time.

Laboratories and pilot plants

Do you need laboratory services, test new fish feed ingredients or try scaling up production processes.