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Who we are

Nofima AS
Muninbakken 9-13
9020 Tromsø
Telefon: +47 776 29000


We use WordPress CMS on Regular visitors will not receive cookies from WordPress, only administrative users.



Matomo Analytics

To get the best overview of how our users find their way around, we use Matomo Analytics services to collect and analyse data from all visits. No data that could identify you as a person is transferred. We do not share data with anyone outside Nofima. We have setup Matomo not to use cookies for tracking purposes.

Embedded content from other websites

Pages on may include embedded content, such as videos from Vimeo.comand, pictures, messages from Facebook/Twitter, summary of recent newsletters from and the like.

Embedded content from other websites behaves in exactly the same way as if the user had visited the site from which the embedded content originated.

These sites store their own cookies when you read pages at with embedded content.


We use MailChimp.comto allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters, and to send them out.

When you sign up for a newsletter with us, your e-mail address is passed to Mailchimp’s servers. Read more about Mailchimp and cookies.

Contact forms

We have placed contact forms in several places on These are forms to sign up for newsletters, order books and enter feedback on the site.

The content you enter into registration forms for newsletters is transferred to the Mailchimp.comservers. Orders for books and feedback in the website are sent by e-mail to contacts at Nofima.

Social media

Nofima is present on social media such as, Twitter,, Google +, Youtube.comVimeo.comand

These sites store their own cookies when you visit them.

Read about Nofima´s Privacy Policy.

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