The main goal is to develop novel process analytical technology, which will lead to new product innovations in the Enzymatic protein hydrolysis (EPH).

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01. Jul 2018


30. Jun 2021

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Agricultural Agreement Research Funds (FJM)|Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL)


Bioco, Biomega, Norilia

Enzymatic protein hydrolysis (EPH) is a versatile processing technology of animal and marine by-products. The process involves addition of enzymes to by-products, which results in three fractions: soluble proteins and peptides, lipids, and a mineral-rich sediment. Companies worldwide are investing in this technology to fully utilise their by-products.

A primary goal is to introduce protein and peptide fractions to a well-paying human market, e.g. nutrition ingredients, sports nutrition, weight control, or special products for the pet food market.

The main obstacle for this goal is to meet the strictly defined product specifications in these markets.

The large quality variation in the raw materials fed into the EPH processes is a challenge, since it results in a corresponding undesirable and critical variation in both process yield and product quality. Continuous process monitoring and control is required to achieve optimal yield and specified quality. The processing control tools for achieving this is non-existing in the current EPH industry.

Novel technology

The SmartBio project will meet this challenge by developing novel process analytical technology, which will lead to new product innovations in the EPH industry.

The technology will consist of the following parts:

  • New analytical tools for in-line raw material characterisation
  • New analytical tools for efficient product characterisation
  • New approaches for process control and optimization of EPH based on in-line monitoring tools

The project results will enable the project partners to produce products for existing and new markets ensuring stable production, less waste and optimal product qualities.

The project comprises companies like Bioco and Biomega that are and will be major players in EPH of animal and marine by-products.

The SmartBio partners have all acknowledged that a successful project outcome is key to fulfil the great ambition of the participating companies: to maximise value creation from animal and marine by-products.