Published 2021

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Publisher : Nofima AS

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Printed : 978-82-8296-683-2

Publication type : Nofima’s reports

Contributors : Wold, Jens Petter; Andersen, Petter Vejle; Reboredo, Rodrigo González

Series : Nofima rapportserie 20/2021

Year : 2021

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Product development

Quality and measurement methods

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


Three different instruments based on near- infrared (NIR) spectroscopy was evaluated for determination of water content in intact dried salted cod. Successful measurements rely on that 1) NIR signals are measured sufficiently deep into the fish, and 2) that a large share of each fish is measured. • Hyperspectral interaction scanning obtained an accuracy of about ± 1,0 % • A point NIR system measuring in depth obtained a similar accuracy, but signals from 6 different points had to be measured and averaged. • VIAVI MicroNIR does not measure sufficiently deep into the fish and is not useful for water determination in dried salted cod.


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