Nofima brings together many creative and talented people from different parts of the world. As of January 1st, 2023, our employees come from 42 different countries including Norway.

Position titleLocationClosing date
Gene editing scientist within the field of aquaculture Osloveien 1, ÅsSunday, August 4, 2024

Nofima AS does not accept open applications.

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Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do you need?

More than 200 of our 390 employees are research scientists, but we need many different occupational groups. We also need operations personnel, engineers, lab employees, economists and managerial staff. Our research covers many different areas, and we are in need of research scientists with varied expertise in foods and nutrition.

Do you accept open applications?

No. All vacancies are publicly announced. You can choose to be notified by email each time we post new vacancies.

Do you accept students?

We wish to make provisions to accommodate master’s students and research fellows. As of 2020 there were nine PhD research fellows at Nofima.  In some cases, we also accept bachelor-level students.

What is the working language at Nofima?

The working language at Nofima is Norwegian. If you have a different native language, you must attend Norwegian language classes. The most important thing is that you eventually are able to communicate with colleagues and others at Nofima.

What further career opportunities are there?

Our employees have the opportunity to attend courses and the leadership development programme. We also have a separate learning arena where we customize courses and training as needed. Read more here. We offer a separate arrangement for secondment training for our employees with cooperating businesses or research partners in Norway and abroad.

What about salary?

Nofima practises individual remuneration. We aim to have a good and comprehensive remuneration policy, and we wish to offer our employees competitive conditions.

Do you prefer recent graduates or applicants with more experience?

We recruit both recent graduates and employees with experience. Quality and high professional standards are important factors that enable Nofima to succeed. We emphasize that our research and all our work is carried out professionally by qualified personnel.

The Educational Platform “The Learning arena»

Because we work in research and development of new knowledge, we wish to ensure through continual learning and competence enhancement that our employees have the necessary knowledge to create good solutions for our clients.

Through our new further educational platform “the learning arena”, we make provisions for the necessary development of expertise in line with the individual’s needs and career opportunities.

Secondment training

Secondment training contributes towards increased learning and understanding, as well as exchange of experiences and networking.

Nofima allows its employees to take secondment training with appropriate partners. These may be partners in the business community to better understand their needs and daily routines, or in other university and research institutions. You can take secondment training in the same city where you normally work, or on the far side of the Earth. You get three to six months with full pay, and can gain valuable perspectives and experience, both for yourself and for Nofima.

Health insurance

All employees at Nofima have health insurance, and are therefore eligible for swifter help when they need it, in addition to good follow-up along the way throughout varying periods of illness. In addition, Nofima has good life insurance, occupational insurance and expanded occupational injury insurance.

Pension scheme

Nofima has a good and “hybrid” pension plan, and wishes to find good and individual solutions for their employees. The employees are mainly enrolled in the occupational pension scheme pursuant to the new Norwegian Occupational Pension Act (TPL).  A few employees are still members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (closed scheme). Management-level employees must participate in the company’s general pension scheme, and the terms and conditions are to be in line with other company employees. The general age limit is 70 years.

Nofima Ung

Nofima Ung is a professional and social network for Nofima employees under the age of 36.

We aim to give our younger employees the opportunity to work on personal and professional development within a welcoming community.

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