Aquaculture facilities

Nofima has several aquaculture facilities where we conduct research.

We have land-based facilities with fresh water, seawater and recycled water, facilities developed for cod farming and several research permits.

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Food pilot plant

Together with NBMU, we offer first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and residual raw materials.

The food pilot consists of a number of process halls where researchers, students and companies can test, among other things, new technology and packaging solutions as well as new combinations of raw materials.

The following halls are located at Nofima in Ås.

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Research facilities at Måltidets hus

The research rooms and laboratories at Måltidets Hus in Stavanger make up a total area of about 1,000 m2.

The area is divided up into different zones. The design allows for a great deal of flexibility as well as a high standard of hygiene.

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  • Pilot plant fish processing
  • Trials hall
  • Packaging hall
  • Autoclave room / heat treatment
  • Laboratories