I have worked as a scientist at Nofima in the department of Marketing Research since 2001. My research is on consumer and customer level, with a particular focus on product and market development.
I have worked with a wide range of projects on various species (and product forms) such as cod (fresh, thawed, clipfish, stockfish, farmed and live stored), salmon, herring, mackerel, saith and shrimp. The projects have been carried out in different countries and cultures such as Norway, France, Germany, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. I have worked with most of the value chain, from Norwegian fishermen, producers and exporters to foreign importers, wholesalers, processors, supermarket chains, restaurants and consumers.
I have long experience as a project manager, and I have participated in a number of projects. I have worked with projects with different objectives and issues, from new herring products to Germany and Ukraine, restaurant testing farmed cod in Norway and England, salmon to South Africa and French consumers’ perception of fresh and thawed cod. Many of the projects have focused on development and testing of new products and product forms in different market. These include ready-to-use stockfish, farmed and live stored cod, new herring and shrimp products, thawed codfillets and seafood souvenirs. I have a PhD from UIT – The Arctic University og Norway in marketing, Master in Fishery Science (Fiskerikandidat) from the Tromsø University, and have studied at the Univerity and Stirling and Wageningen University.

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