The aim of the project is to learn about chefs' attitudes of farmed cod from Norway.

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01. Jan 2022


31. Dec 2022

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Cod Cluster, Torskenettverket


Farmed cod is not a new product in Norway, but the industry has been close to nonexistent since around 2010 due to strong quotas of wild cod and the financial crises. Now there is growing optimism, and several cod farming companies have started production.


Market test of farmed cod 2022 is a continuation of the initial survey carried out in Norway in 2021 and the report “The commercial potential of farmed cod – Initial surveys on quality, market perception and economy”.

In this investigation, we will look at two markets, one established market and one potential new market.

The UK is the world’s largest whitefish market and has extensive experience with cod from Norway. They were also examined in a similar market test about 20 years ago on first-generation farmed cod.

Italy eats a lot of cod such as stockfish, saltfish and clipfish, but less natural cod. However, they are large consumers of other farmed white fish such as Sea Bass and Sea Bream, as well as Pangasius, so it will be interesting to talk to chefs about their attitudes to farmed cod.

What we do

Each restaurant will receive one box of fresh farmed cod. In addition, there will be a questionnaire to fill out while testing the cod.

The cod will be reviewed as a whole fish, as a filet and as prepared at their own preference. Nofima will collect the questionnaire after the test is done and there will be a follow up interview.