The overarching objective of AlgaeProBANOS is to demonstrate market accessibility and the presence of sustainable and innovative algae products and solutions from 6 different pilots in the Baltic and North Seas.

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01. Apr 2023


31. Mar 2027

Funded by

Horizon Europe (project number 101112943)


26 partners, coordinated by the Submariner Network from Germany.

This will be done by developing innovation and market access pipelines for highly relevant algae value chains, namely food, feed, textiles, nutraceuticals, biostimulants and cosmetics, covering both microalgae and seaweed.

The project will help bring eight innovative algae-based products to market, helping to meet the growing demand for ecologically friendly, high-quality circular bio-based goods.

Nofima´s role in the project

Nofima will lead the work on processing technologies, including the development and optimization of algae-based products, ensuring full utilization of the raw material through recyclability or application of side streams, and formulation of suitable end-products which meet the needs of the final users. We will also construct guidelines to aid industry partners navigate regulatory requirements. 

Furthermore, Nofima will lead the work on creating comprehensive go-to-market strategies for the 6 pilots involved in the project. These strategies will identify important market requirements and help facilitate the scale-up of micro- and macroalgae industries in the Baltic and North Sea.

Kick-off: All partners participated in the project kickoff in Berlin, Germany, May 17, 2023. Photo: Submariner Network