Research interest:
My primary research is linked to how microbial communities in food production and preparation environments survive, adapt and affect food safety and quality. This applies to different types of professional food production environments (fish, meat, vegetables) and also the domestic environment.

Bridging the microbial and human world through a transdisciplinary approach opens up new possibilities to improve food quality and safety. The last years I have had the opportunity to cooperate with excellent researchers with distant competences (sociology, marketing, anthropology, consumer science, innovation). This is an exciting and fruitful path I will follow as a coordinator of a H2020 Research and Innovation Action on consumer food safety ( with 32 partners from 14 European countries
At present, my main research activities are:

1. Improved tools and information strategies to help consumers mitigate risk of foodborne illness (
2. Listeria monocytogenes persistence and spread in the food production chain
3. Microbiota in food production/preparation environments and how it affects food quality and safety
4. Survival strategies of different pathogenic bacteria exposed to cleaning and disinfection, in particular biofilm formation and other resistance mechanisms

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Food safety and quality

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