Published 2015

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Publisher : Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM)

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 978-82-8259-184-3

Publication type : Report

Contributors : Yazdankhah, Siamak Pour; Grahek-Ogden, Danica; Hjeltnes, Brit; Langsrud, Solveig; Lassen, Jørgen Fr; Norström, Madelaine; Sunde, Marianne; Eckner, Karl Fredrich; Kapperud, Georg; Narvhus, Judith; Nesbakken, Truls; Robertson, Lucy; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Skjerdal, Taran; Skjerve, Eystein; Vold, Line; Wasteson, Yngvild

Series : VKM Report 2015:29

Year : 2015

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