Research work I belong to the microbiology group at Nofima at Ås where I mainly work with projects focusing on understanding how microorganisms grow and survive in food and in the food industry. More specifically I work with stress responses to acid, disinfectants, etc. and biofilm formation of food associated bacteria. For this purpose we are using both general microbiological methods and molecular methods, recently including whole genome sequencing. I am also involved in work using spectroscopy (FT-IR) for classification and identification of microorganisms. Much of my work involves applied projects together with food industry with focus on food quality and food safety. Examples are industry project with Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, foodborne viruses and quality reducing bacteria and moulds. We work with suppliers of cleaning agents and disinfectants to improve the hygiene in the food industry.Education MS in general microbiology from University of Bergen, Norway (1995) a
nd PhD in microbiology/biotechnology (studies on bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria) from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway (2000).

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Food safety and quality

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