My main working areas are related to lipid nutrition in fish. Responses to and tolerance for oilseed products has been an area of particular interest, especially topics related to utilisation of oils with differing fatty acid composition, requirement(s) of essential fatty acids (EFA), fish health and metabolic aspects of EFA deficiency, and fatty acid composition of deposited lipid in relation to slaughter quality. I have also been working with projects related to human health benefits from fish consumption. At the moment, a major focus is related to lipid deposition, adipose tissue development, lipid catabolism and oxidative stress. In order to study the functionality of important lipid regulatory factors, II have been leading the work to establish new technology, in vitro models. Methods for culture of primary liver, muscle, adipose and osteoblast cells are now established in our laboratory.
I received my PhD (Dr Scient) in biochemistry at the University of Oslo in 1988. The research for the thesis was carried out in Nofima (then Akvaforsk), where I have since then been employed as a scientist in the nutrition group. I have since 1996 been appointed as professor II at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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