I am employed as a senior scientist at the department Seafood industry. I am the main responsible for activities related to instrumental assessment of quality attributes in fish and seafood products. The goal for our research and development activities are to develop solutions that increase value creation in the Norwegian seafood industry. Therefore, it is important for us to have a close relation to the industry to insure that our research are relevant for the industry and eventually the consumers. We have worked closely with the industry for several years and the latest innovation was launched in November 2020.The the Maritech Fish Scanner was launched. This device can based on measuring light, hyperspectral imaging, sort round fish according to species and presence of blood in the white tissue. This represents a revolution for the industry and could not have been developed without the active participation of both research, technology providers and the fish processing industry.
This technology now provides a good starting point for development of new solutions based on light measurements that can increase the profitability of the Norwegian seafood industry.

Besides spectroscopy, traditional and imaging, we also work with technologies as magnetic resonance imaging, fluorescence, 3D-imaging and simple imaging setups. Together with the competence on the use of machine learning, multi variate analysis, image processing and so on we are in the position to develop new solutions for future fish processing industry.

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