Published 2002

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Journal : Journal of Food Science , vol. 67 , p. 1821–1826 , 2002

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 0022-1147
Electronic : 1750-3841

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Nilsen, Heidi; Esaiassen, Margrethe; Heia, Karsten; Sigernes, Fred

Issue : 5

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


The freshness as storage time in ice of cod (Gadus morhua) and salmon (Salmo salar) was estimated by visible/near infrared (VIS/NIR) spectroscopy. The correlation between spectral data and storage time was modeled by multivariate statistics. For cod, the best-fit model was found by using the visible wavelength range, giving correlation of prediction of 0.97 with an error value of 1.04 d. For salmon, the best-fit model was made with data from the NIR range giving correlation of prediction of 0.98 and an error value of 1.20 d. Hence, VIS/NIR spectroscopy proved useful for the evaluation of fish freshness.