Published 2022

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Journal : Intech Open , p. 1–23 , 2022

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Ortega Sarmiento, Samuel; Lindberg, Stein-Kato; Anderssen, Kathryn; Heia, Karsten

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Quality and measurement methods

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Hyperspectral imaging technology is able to provide useful information about the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter. This information makes possible chemical characterization of materials in a non-invasive manner. For this reason, the technology has been of great interest for the food industry in recent decades. In this book chapter, we provide a survey of the current status of the use of hyperspectral technology for seafood evaluation. First, we provide a brief description of the optical properties of tissue and an introduction to the instrumentation used to capture these images. Then, we survey the main applications of hyperspectral imaging in the seafood industry, including the quantification of different chemical components, the estimation of freshness, the quality assessment of seafood products, and the detection of nematodes, among others. Finally, we provide a discussion about the current state of the art and the upcoming challenges for the application of this technology in the seafood industry.


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