The purpose of this project was to make a commersial solution for measuring blood in whitefish prior to filleting.

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01. May 2018


31. Oct 2019

Funded by

The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund - FHF


Norsk Elektrooptikk (NEO), Maritech Systems, Lerøy Norway Seafoods, Havfisk AS

Project Manager(s):

Karsten Heia

Automated quality assessment of headed/gutted (HG) whitefish is of high importance for the whitefish industry.

The solution is based on imaging spectroscopy and analytical methods developed at Nofima. The commercial product will be a part of Maritech, and will include a new industrial version of the hyperspectral imager produced by Norsk Elektro Optikk.

The first prototype operated Lerøy Norway Seafoods, Båtsfjord. A second prototype was installed in a trawler from Havfisk.

The commercial product was launched as planned in 2020, and very well received by industry actors and the minister of Fisheries and Seafood. Check out the press release about the launch here: