I’m senior scientist at Nofima where I’ve been employed since 1993. I work with applications of ICT in the food industry, especially related to information logistics, product documentation, environmental accounting and traceability. I was the convener for the working groups that developed ISO 12875, ISO 12877 (seafood traceability) and CWA 16960 (self-assessment and documentation of sustainability), and a lot of my work has been related to development of methods and standards for electronic data interchange, process mapping and documentation of sustainability. I work mostly with and in EU projects; I coordinated TraceFish in the 5th Framework Programme (traceability) and WhiteFish in the 7th Framework Programme (sustainability), and I had or have key roles in the projects TRACE, FoodIntegrity and Authent-Net (authentication of food properties), EcoFishMan and MareFrame (decision support for fisheries management), PrimeFish (seafood economics) and ClimeFish (climate effects on seafood p
roduction). I’m also responsible for overseeing all Nofima participation in international projects. I have a BSc (Hon) in computer science and applied mathematics from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK in 1986. I regularly teach traceability-related subjects to the industry, at UiN and at UiT, and I’ve been an advisor to many organizations on these subjects, including the European Commission, FAO, EFSA, WWF, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Industrial Fund.

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