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The objective is to document fraud and develop methods to prevent fraud and misdescription of food.

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01. Jan 2014


31. Dec 2014

Funded by

EU - FP7


38 participants, including project coordinator «The Food & Environment Research Agency» (FERA) – UK as well as AZTI – Spain and Matis –Iceland who both also work with seafood products

Project Manager(s):

Petter Olsen

Other Participants:


  • To provide Europe with state of the art integrated capability for detecting fraud and assuring the integrity of the food chain
  • For seafood: To design, create and begin to populate a database suitable for documenting the degree and scope of seafood misdescription in Europe
  • For seafood: To do spot checks for selected products and analyse to what degree analytically verifiable claims about seafood products are true
  • For seafood: To develop a coherent and integrated toolbox, linking seafood product claims to analytical and paper-trail methods, to facilitate verification and validation