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In this project we contribute to improving EU fisheries in non-EU waters by developing good mangement tools and advice.

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01. Jun 2017


31. May 2021

Funded by

EU - Horizon 2020


21 participants both in and outside of Europe. Coordinated by Matis (Iceland)

One fifth of EU catches originate from non-EU waters. These fisheries are often poorly regulated, management decisions are sometimes based on limited knowledge and enforcement capabilities, compliance and trust between stakeholders tend to lack.

FarFish will address this shortcoming by providing knowledge, tools and methods to support responsible, sustainable and profitable EU fisheries outside European waters, compatible with Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY).

FarFish will develop practical, achievable and cost-effective fisheries management tools and advice which can be applied immediately. The work will be done in collaboration of scientists, policy makers, resource users and other stakeholders aimed to improve fisheries management competences.

FarFish will provide a better knowledge base of these fisheries and encourage resource users to actively take part in the management, thus empowering them, generating a sense of ownership and enhancing compliance.