I am a senior researcher working with the development and use of rapid spectroscopic techniques for measuring food and food components. I am very interested in techniques such as Infrared and Raman spectroscopy that can potentially be used for detailed chemical characterization of food. This involves, for example, measuring protein composition or the composition of lipids in foods. I am therefore also very interested in the link between classical analytical tools (such as chromatography) and the spectroscopy techniques we work with. And most importantly: we now have a strong focus on how these techniques can be used in industrial environments. In recent years, I have also been working in the field of food by-product utilization, and today I lead Peptek, which is Nofima’s internally funded “lighthouse” project within sustainable protein production. I have a master’s degree in organic chemistry from NTNU (2003) and a PhD in applied Raman spectroscopy and food analysis from NMBU (2007).

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Raw materials and process optimization

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