I am a senior scientist at the Dept. of Seafood Industry, where I have worked since 1991. My main interests have been factors affecting food safety and seafood quality.

As part of my research field, I have been working with a range of seafood products, such as clip fish (salted and dried fish), salted fish, stock fish, shrimp, halibut, cod, saithe, salmon, king crab, and snow crab. For example, I have defined shelf life of clip fish exposed to different storage conditions.

I studied at the Norwegian College of Agriculture (currently the University of Life Sciences). In 2010, I finished my PhD. The topic for my PhD was how Listeria monocytogenes coped with extreme stress, such as high salt concentrations, that corresponds to the conditions of clip fish.
Since 2013, I have mainly been working with snow and red king crab crabs. Typical problems studied have been to explore and describe the quality of the ready-to-eat product. I have also been studying how conditions during live storage and feeding affect the quality attributes of the final product.

Recently, I have focused on feeding small red king crabs towards commercial sizes. Relevant issues include the type of feed to offer, how the feed and the general conditions during live storage affect their survival and growth rate, as well as the quality properties of the processed product.

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