Published 2022

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Journal : Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology , vol. 31 , p. 625–635–10 , 2022

Publisher : Haworth Press

International Standard Numbers :
Printed : 1049-8850
Electronic : 1547-0636

Publication type : Academic article

Contributors : Lorentzen, Grete; Lindberg, Stein-Kato; Ageeva, Tatiana N

Issue : 7

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Desalting of dried salt-cured whitefish is traditionally performed by immersion in water up to 48 h. This process reduces the salt content from approximately 20 to 2%. Alternatively, the fish is immersed in water for a few hours and then cooked. The cooking causes a crumbled product that fits traditional dishes found in Caribbean. In this study the weight changes, moisture, and salt content of dried salt-cured saithe, applying short time for immersion followed by cooking, was explored. Immersion for 2 min or 2 h, followed by three cooking sessions, with water exchanges in between, resulted in salt contents of 6-9%. Immersion in 16 h and cooking resulted in salt contents of 3-4%. Cooking for 20 min resulted in lower salt content than cooking just to boiling temperature. Compared to the traditional desalting, the two-step procedure with 16 h immersion and 20 min cooking, reduced the total preparation time significantly.


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