I work as a research scientist at Nofima in the department of Food safety and quality as well as the department of Food and health. My research field is mainly related to lactic acid bacteria, food and gut health, with the use of molecular microbiological tools (e.g. omics and bacterial community analysis).

I am interested in the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria, their beneficial traits during fermentation of food (e.g. in sourdough) and their probiotic mechanisms in the gut. Lately, I have become part of several projects where we study the impact of food and food components (e.g. fibre) on the gut microbiota and gut health. We use our in-house in vitro gut model and in vivo models to study the complex interplay between food and gut microbiota, all in close collaboration between carbohydrate chemists and statistics.
Education Ph. D (Biotechnology, 2008). The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Thesis: “Primary metabolism in Lactobacillus – A study of control and regulation of acid production”. Cand. Scient (Biotechnology, 2002). The Agricultural University of Norway (now called the Norwegian University of Life Sciences). “Development of a multiplex quantitative PCR method for determination and quantification of genetically modified maize”.

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