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I have worked as a researcher at Nofima in the department of marketing research since 2018. My research has mainly focused on consumer behavior and consumer perception of product / industry.
I am currently a doctoral candidate at UIT -The Arctic University of Norway and studying consumer behavior towards seaweed foods.
I combine a wide range of research methods: multivariate quantitative research methods, structural equation analysis (SEM), descriptive statistics and qualitative methods such as content analysis. In the past, I have worked with the reputation of farmed salmon in European markets and the media’s influence on consumers’ perceptions of products and industries.
My research interests are in consumer behavior modeling, consumer perception and determinants of food choice. I am personally interested in a new sustainable sources of food such as seaweed and insects.
I am fluent in three languages: French, English and Norwegian. I have a master’s degree in international fisheries management from UIT – The Arctic University of Norway (2018), and a master’s degree in political science-international relations at the Catholic University of Louvain Belgium (UCL)

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