I am a young researcher working in Nofima since 2018. My research field is Fish Nutrition and the last years I am working at new raw material utilization, for high market value fish, like Sea bream, and Salmon. My first degree in an integrated Master in Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment, fulfilled at the University of Thessaly in Greece; and the research thesis conducted focused on “Microalgae as a source of lipid and fatty acids in aquafeeds”. In January 2020 I obtained a Master of Science in Aquaculture Biology, in the University of Bergen, Norway. My master thesis focused on “Optimizing cell wall disruption of microalgae biomass for release of nutrients and bioactive compounds for aquafeed and food applications”. This study was a collaboration of the University of Bergen and Nofima.
In worldwide aquaculture we are facing a new sustainability era, from fish nutrition to fish health and fish welfare. My research focuses on the sustainable side of the aquaculture and contribute the maximum of me for fulfilling it. Investing on raw materials less exploited, understanding and improving the fish life as long as producing a high value product that has the consumers recognition are the main areas of my interest. Currently I am a PhD researcher in Nofima’s Aquaculture Division, in Bergen (Ernæring og fôrteknologi). I work on metabolic pathways and physiological functions of organic and inorganic trace minerals in Atlantic Salmon.

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Nutrition and feed technology

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