The EcoeFISHent research project aims for a more sustainable use of marine sidestreams in Northwest Italy through collaboration between actors from the fishery and agricultural industries in the region.

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01. Oct 2021


30. Sep 2026

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EU - Horizon 2020


Project coordinator FI.L.S.E. Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico SpA and 32 European partners

EcoeFISHent demonstrates a replicable systemic and sustainable cluster for territorial deployment of the climate-neutral circular economy by creating six multilevel and synergic circular value chains (CVC) interconnecting blue- and green-economies to reconcile human industrial and economic activities with marine ecosystems and marine protected areas. 

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Project aims

The EcoeFISHent innovative biomass pre-treatment and extraction technologies will enable sustainable and efficient exploitation of fish processing side-streams (FPS) by obtaining bioactives and gelatin for high value-added food supplements and skin care products, biodegradable and compostable barrier layer for food packaging. Other fishing- and fish-industry side-streams (FFS) will undergo the Black Soldier Fly bioconversion to yield innovative soil fertilizer, oil for biodiesel and chitin for cosmetic applications. 

End of life fishing nets from aquaculture and fisheries will be recycled and converted into automotive polymer-based components and into packaging for cosmetic products.  

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Nofima’s role in EcoeFISHent

Nofima will focus on specific side streams from aquaculture by extraction of valuable components as oil, protein, biopolymers, and antioxidants. Nofima will work in close collaboration with all process development partners in the project. Nofima will take the products from testing in laboratory scale to small industrial prototype scale at our demonstration plant, Biotep. Nofima will also participate in developing sustainable packaging from the side streams.  

In addition to process development, Nofima will also ensure that our competence within product innovation, supply chain optimization, sensory aspects, process monitoring and market research in order to ensure that commercially viable solutions are developed in the project.