In this project we focus on a total circular economic approach to evaluate the potential of the two red macroalgae Furcellaria lumbricalis and Schizymenia jonssonii.

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01. Nov 2021


31. Oct 2024

Funded by

Blue Bio Cofund/The Norwegian Research Council

Project Manager(s):

Kjetil Elvevold

Red macroalgae can be used for food, food supplements, animal feed, fertilizers and cosmetics. In this project, the extraction of the dye phycoerythrin is of special interest.

Nofima’s role is to help develop better environmentally friendly protocols for extracting value components from the macroalgae. In addition to phycoerythrin, they contain large amounts of proteins, carrageenan, lipids and biostimulants.

We have several types of pre-treatments of the macroalgae that are to be tested to see what effect it has on the quality and yield of the value components. Residues after extraction will be further investigated in experiments as a biostimulant for plants.