Food Pilot Plant Norway offers first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and rest raw materials.

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Nofima, in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, is home to Norway’s largest food research centre.

Food Pilot Plant Norway has a number of research pilot plants where students, scientists and businesses can test new technologies, packaging solutions and combinations of raw materials, among other things. We welcome both food manufacturers and other clients to use our facilities.

Follow the links below to see what options and equipment are available.

The following pilot plants are located at Nofima:

The following pilot plants are located at NMBU:

These pilot plants are a venue for research, innovation, product development, courses, networks and teaching.

Along with our professional advisors, scientists and engineers, they provide us with a broad and unique platform that enable us to offer tailor-made solutions to food producers at every stage of the value chain as required.


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