We have a well-equipped full-scale bakery with robust analytical capabilities.

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The bakery and our skilled baker, researchers and engineers provide us with a broad and unique platform for research projects and product development. We can offer Norwegian agricultural producers and food manufacturers at all stages of the value chain tailor-made solutions to cater to their needs.

More specifically, we can provide in-depth analysis of baking and dough properties, protein and gluten quality, physical and chemical product characteristics (functional characteristics) which includes analysis of both the texture and taste of high-quality products.

The bakery has access to mills, sifting and processing equipment which makes it possible to develop new and healthier grain-based products, and plays a key part in the development of new plant-based products.

We can offer:

  • Experience-based knowledge and relevant research
  • Commodity knowledge
  • Extensive mill technology
  • Grain/cereal chemistry
  • A broad analysis platform for functional characteristics
  • Baking technology
  • Well-equipped full-scale bakery
  • Optimisation and customisation of recipes
  • Product development
  • Product quality

Examples of research activities

  • Gluten-free products
  • Bread with high fibre content with the right quality, with an emphasis on cereal beta-glucans
  • Salt reduction
  • Sourdough use
  • All product categories within the baking trade
  • Development of plant-based products


  • Dough mixers
  • Various baking ovens
  • Bread cutter
  • Fan oven
  • Extruder
  • Pin mill
  • Ball mill
  • Flaker
  • Sieving machine
  • Decrusting machine
  • Rolling mill
  • Bran removing machine
  • Stone mill

Film: What you need to make protein rich plant based products

This animated film shows you the equipment you need to make plantbased meat alternatives.

Nofima has the necessary equipment and knowledge.

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Food pilot plant

Together with NBMU, we offer first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and residual raw materials.

The food pilot consists of a number of processing halls where researchers, students and companies can test, among other things, new technology and packaging solutions as well as new combinations of raw materials.

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