AnimalFatPlus addresses challenges facing the meat industry: How to decrease the content of saturated fat in processed meat products without compromising sensory quality and how to utilize the excess animal fat to environmental friendly surfactants.

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01. Jan 2022


31. Dec 2025

Funded by

The Agricultural and Food Industry Research Funds


SCITEC (It), Sintef, Nortura, Norilia, Fatland, Alimenta, Unger, Lantmännen

Norwegian food systems need to be transformed to deliver sustainable healthy diets.

Overall goal

To provide new insight needed to overcome the challenges facing the meat industry.

The project has the following main objectives

  1. Gain new knowledge for the production of tasteful processed meat products with reduced saturated fat content and beneficial health impact.
  2. Combining excess animal fat and carbohydrate rich side-streams from the cereal industries for new environmentally friendly biobased surfactants.
  3. Value creation for Norwegian agriculture and industry.

Project plan