The fish pilot plant has its own fish reception area where whole fish and fillets are delivered to undergo quality analysis.

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Here, fish are also prepared for analysis in several other Nofima laboratories. The fish pilot plant is very busy with research projects from publicly-funded projects as well as many industry-funded projects.

The activity in the pilot plant is primarily linked to fish nutrition, quality, health, and breeding and genetics.

One of the strengths of the fish pilot plant is that our professionals have considerable experience using tools to monitor visual changes and characteristics of the fish, which combined with physical measurements allows for a comprehensive quality assessment of the fish.

We can also remove various organs for histological examinations.

We offer:

Physical measurement methods for assessing:

  • Colour / fat content
  • Texture
  • Water retention
  • Growth monitoring – fish fillets and organs
  • Visual changes
  • pH energy status
  • Histology

Preparation for further analysis of:

  • Gene expression
  • Genotyping
  • Gel analysis
  • Primary cells in cell culture
  • Metabolism
  • Fats and fatty acids
  • NIR measurements

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Food pilot plant

Together with NBMU, we offer first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and residual raw materials.

The food pilot consists of a number of processing halls where researchers, students and companies can test, among other things, new technology and packaging solutions as well as new combinations of raw materials.

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