Nofima's vegetable pilot plant is an important infrastructure that form part of our research projects.

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We have extensive experience in helping both large and small clients to test out new processes and products on a small scale and develop gentle processes that preserve most of the healthy properties of fruit, berries and vegetables.

Process trials are conducted at Nofima’s vegetable pilot plant as a part of our ongoing research projects. The pilot plant is closely linked to the packing pilot plant, storage facilities and research laboratories, which provides a unique opportunity to track sensory, microbiological and health quality properties in the processing, packing and storage of products.

We can facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation between all these pilot plants, and thereby provide opportunities for working with compound products consisting of several types of raw materials.

The vegetable pilot plant has equipment for:

  • Washing, peeling, cutting and centrifuging fruits and vegetables
  • Milling of fruits, berries and vegetables
  • Juicing (packing press or hydropress)
  • Heat treatment (boilers, combi steamer, microwave or pasteuriser)
  • Juice: bottling / filling in bag-in-box from the pasteuriser
  • Jam and gel production in boilers or the mini pilot jam line
  • Production of emulsions with a high pressure homogenizer

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Food pilot plant

Together with NBMU, we offer first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and residual raw materials.

The food pilot consists of a number of processing halls where researchers, students and companies can test, among other things, new technology and packaging solutions as well as new combinations of raw materials.

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