Nofima has considerable expertise in the dynamics of product packaging. We will be happy to assist with specific issues linked to for example packaging, packaging techniques and shelf life.

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Packaging is a key part of the finished product and has a great impact on the product’s shelf life, choice of distribution methods and how the product is displayed to the consumer. Packaging trials are usually conducted internally by individual companies, and regular production must be halted in order to carry out the trials.

Requirements for materials which are in contact with food are regulated by the Packaging Convention (EK – Emballasjekonvensjonen).

What we offer

  • Tailor-made courses in packaging
  • Testing of packing methods (vacuum packing and gas packing)
  • Testing and advice on the selection of films and foil
  • Durability testing in chilled/cold storage


  • Thermoformer for both vacuum, skin and modified atmosphere packaging
  • Bowl packing machine for both vacuum, skin and modified atmosphere packaging
  • Horizontal flowpack machine
  • Bag packing machine
  • Instruments for analysis of barrier properties linked to water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Zetasizer and inkjet printer for active and intelligent packaging
  • Two light-rooms: one with room temperature and a cooling room

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Food pilot plant

Together with NBMU, we offer first-class facilities for research, education and product development of food and residual raw materials.

The food pilot consists of a number of processing halls where researchers, students and companies can test, among other things, new technology and packaging solutions as well as new combinations of raw materials.

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