I am working as a Senior Scientist at the department of Raw material and Process.

A significant part of my research is focused on bio-analytical technologies enabling process optimization and product development (specifically, development of protein and peptide-based products). Analytical chemistry, biotechnology, and pre-clinical pharmacological studies are the major fields of my expertise.

I am interested in development of analytical methods based on chromatography, infrared (IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to understand important quality threats of food matrices.
In recent years, I took an interest in scalable biotechnological processes, e. g. enzymatic protein hydrolysis, for sustainable production of health-promoting bioactive peptides. In relation to this, I have led several projects aimed at production of bioactive peptides as well as documentation of health promoting effects using tailored in vitro models.

I have a PhD in Health and Medical Sciences from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Raw materials and process optimization

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