The scientists will develop new methods for tailoring bioaktive peptides from poultry by-products and Calanus finmarchicus.

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01. Jun 2021


30. Sep 2024

Funded by

The Research Council of Norway


Aquateam COWI AS, Norilia and Zooca

Project Manager(s):

Sileshi Gizachew Wubshet

Other Participants:

Josipa Matić

The major goal for this project is to develop novel combination of enzymatic hydrolysis, separation technologies and sensor technologies for tailored and controlled biomanufacturing of bioactive peptides from poultry by-products and Calanus finmarchicus.


  1. Develop and implement biodiscovery platforms for screening and identification of potent bioactive peptide fractions from poultry by-products and Calanus finmarchicus against selected cardiometabolic diseases.
  2. Develop bioactivity-guided enzymatic protein hydrolysis for tailored biomanufacturing of potent hydrolysates.
  3. Develop separation technologies for refining and up concentration of desired bioactive peptides.
  4. Develop advanced bioanalytical and sensor solutions as process control technologies for optimal production of tailored bioactive peptides

Working process

This figure illustrate the working process in the project