Published 2021

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Publisher : Nofima AS

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Printed : 978-82-8296-673-3

Publication type : Nofima’s reports

Contributors : Aspevik, Tone; Gaarder, Mari Øvrum; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Vang, Birthe; Molesworth, Peter Patrick; Solstad, Runar Gjerp; Dankel, Elin Katinka Riiser; Berget, Ingunn; Thoresen, Lars; Haugen, John-Erik; Glomm, Wilhelm; Lindberg, Diana

Series : Nofima rapportserie 9/2021

Year : 2021

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Kjetil Aune
Chief Librarian


This is the end report of project Taste-neutral proteins from mackerel (SMELL). This has been an FHF-financed project with project partners Nofima, Pelagia and SINTEF, with the main aim to develop a process for producing a sensory neutral protein concentrate, preferably for human consumption. The project has developed and relied on an extensive analytical platform to solve this aim, where results from NMR and GC-MS have been combined with sensory attributes through advanced statistical methods. The tasks involved e.g. protease selection, process optimization, membrane filtration and sensory masking. Although we have promising results from small scale production, further work is needed to reach the aim on an industrial scale.


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