I am the Research Director at the Raw materials and process optimisation department, and I have worked in Nofima since 2005, first as a scientist and now as Research Director since 2019. I am responsible for the daily follow-up of my employees in the department, in addition to project and financial management and development of the department’s research strategy.
Our expertise is based on many years of research on the relationship between quality of raw materials and quality of the end products, and we have developed expertise in combining rapid spectroscopic techniques with statistical methods. We use this to extract information from complex data, which has provided us with a solid basis for developing tools for connecting data across the entire value chain. Our research areas include optimal resource utilisation and use of by-products, in vitro meat, bioactivity, on-line monitoring and process control, and data analysis and modelling.
My scientific background covers meat quality and tenderisation, protease activity and proteomics. I have a MSc in food science (1998) and a PhD in biotechnology (2003) from the Norwegian Agricultural University (now the Norwegian University of Life Sciences). During my career I have had two stays abroad at INRA in France (1 year) and at the USDA U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (3 years) and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at NMBU.

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Raw materials and process optimization

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