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Work with social and socio-economic aspects of aquaculture and fisheries, including marine and coastal zone planning and management.

Work-experience and education:
Researcher and Research Director for Social Science at Norut 2000-2017. Experience with regional and industrial development, natural resource and environmental economics, marine and coastal zone management, bio-economic modelling, ecosystem services, climate change, arctic shipping and more.
Senior executive officer for international environmental cooperation at the County Governor of Finnmark 1995-2000.
PhD in Economics/Social sciences from the University of Tromso, Norwegian College of Fisheries Science (Thesis: Economic analyses of user-interactions in the coastal zone).
Cand.Polit. (Master+) in Economics from UiT/NCFS (Thesis: Incentives for International Environmental Co-operation – The Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol). Also courses in Ecology, Environmental Science and Eco-philosophy.
Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree/ from the University of Southampton, England

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Industrial economics

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