In MetoMilo, methods are developed to assess how various influences contribute to the environmental condition in sea areas along the coast.

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01. Feb 2024


31. Jan 2026

Funded by

FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund


The project is led by NIVA, and other participants are Akvaplan-niva, IFE, Blue Planet and Nova Sea.

Project Manager(s):

Eirik Mikkelsen


Today’s management of coastal waters and marine ecosystems is based on sampling of water, plants, animals and bottom sediment which provides data for standardized environmental indicators of chemical and biological condition. These are effective for assessing changes in environmental status and ecosystem health over time, but are not suitable for uncovering different sources of the environmental impact, which is necessary knowledge to choose effective measures to improve the environmental condition.


MetoMilo will develop, test and verify methods for assessing the environmental impact of aquaculture at area level compared to other man-made and natural sources of impact.

What we do

Nofima leads the work on creating a decision tree/guide for how the methods developed and tested in MetoMilo can be used in the management of the coastal environment, both in water management and in relevant sector management.

For the methods to be used, they must fit into the management system, so we first study the knowledge base and decisions in today’s management. We will also look at how the use of the new methods and the new knowledge they can provide can affect the dynamics between the sectors in the management of the coastal water environment.