I am a researcher at the department of Food safety and quality, where I have been employed as a researcher since 2005. My field of research is molecular microbiology. I mainly work with microbiota analyses in food, environmental samples, biofilm and in the human- and animal gut (animals as model for human studies as well as production animals). Examples of projects are: The effect of probiotic in pig- and mouse models (related to human health) Dynamics and survival of pathogenic bacteria in biofilm Microbiota in food during processing and at different packaging/storage conditions In addition I am involved in projects where we study survival mechanisms of food related bacteria. I am especially interested in DNA sequencing technology (we h
ave a MiSeq (Illumina) at Nofima Ås) and use genome- and amplicon (16S rDNA) sequencing in many projects. EDUCATION Dr.scient/Ph.D (Biotecknology, 2005). The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science. Thesis: “Stress responses and survival mechanisms of food related bacteria – an explorative study”. Cand.scient (Biotechnology, 2001). The Agricultural University of Norway (now called the Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

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