Simon Ballance is a scientist within the Food and Health research group.

His undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, in Geography and Environmental Biochemistry respectively, are from the University of Manchester, UK.

Since moving to Norway in 2001 Simon has worked with the physical and chemical characterisation of biopolymers with a strong focus on carbohydrates. His first position was as a Post-Doc at the Institute for Biotechnology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim (2001-2007).

He started in Nofima in November 2007.

The overall aim of the research is to develop new healthier plant-based ingredients and foods (also includes micro- and macroalgae).
The focus is on dietary fibre, starch, sugars, and proteins. It spans the disciplines of food technology and innovation, physical and chemical analysis (especially biopolymers), food safety (e.g. EU food law) and external collaboration with scientists working in clinical nutrition.

At present the research portfolio consists of (i) basic research on the mechanisms responsible for the positive health effects of cereal beta-glucan and other soluble dietary fibres, (ii) in vitro modelling of digestion in relation to the role of dietary fibre on glycaemic response, (iii) new processes to remove sugar from fruit juice and improve the nutritional profile of bread, (iv) applied research in collaboration with industry to make new plant-derived ingredients such as protein isolates and dietary fibres, and also new plant-based foods, and (v) microalgae and brown macroalgae as new up-and-coming ingredients and foods.

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