The main goal of the platform will be to serve as a hub for research, knowledge, methodology and stakeholder networks for development of economically and environmentally sustainable biorefinery processes.

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01. May 2019


31. Dec 2024

Funded by

The Research Council of Norway



Project Manager(s):

Svein Halvor Knutsen

Other Participants:

Simon Ballance

The platform will aid in the regulation of macroalgae cultivation and harvesting industries, and in analysis of macroalgae-derived products.

To achieve this goal, research in the project will focus on characterization of the biomass, technology development and establishment of both high-value and bulk productpipelines. Saccharina latissima (sugar kelp) and Alaria esculenta (winged kelp), the two brown algal species currently cultivated in Norwegian seaweed aquaculture, will be the main focus.

New species with a potential for future cultivation pinpointed by research partners and industry (e.g. the red algae Palmaria and Furcellaria) will be evaluated and implemented in the platforms activities if relevant. In addition, biomass from species currently industrially harvested in Norway (Laminaria hyperborea and Ascophyllum nodosum) will be exploited.

The participants in the project at the kick-off meeting in june 2019.

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