My research area is “Food and health” and especially “Fat and food quality”. Fat and fat-soluble components in raw materials and products and their importance for taste, nutritional quality and shelf life of different foods, bioactive lipids (fatty acids, omega-3, tocopherols, sterols and phenolic acids) in various raw materials, stability during food processing, uptake in the body and biological effects are key research topics. Oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in oils and lipid products (rancidity of food) and the importance of oxidation products for taste, nutritional quality and potential health effects of food are of high interest. I am working at the intersection of research and innovation with the goal of increased value creation for both Norwegian agriculture and food industry who want to take health seriously as well as to improved quality of life for individual consumers who want to make healthier choices.
I received my PhD (Dr Scient) in biochemistry at the University of Oslo in 1987. The scientific work was done at The Institute of Nutrition Research, University of Oslo in the field partially hydrogenated marine oil, nutrition and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (more exactly induction mechanism of peroxisomal beta oxidation). Then I was working 3 years as a Post Doc at another scientific group at The Institute of Nutrition Research, UiO, dealing with Vitamin A and Cancer before I was engaged at Matforsk (now Nofima) to build up a research group dealing with lipid and food quality (1991). I have been Department leader, Raw Material and Processing (1996-2002) and Assistant Research Director (2002-2012) with a short period as temporary director of the innovation area “Food, health and consumer”.

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