Every year Nofima conducts a survey of profitability and structural changes in the Norwegian fish processing industry. Now you can examine some of the numerical data on this page yourself. The figures for 2021 were added in March 2023.

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26. Nov 1976

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Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries


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    Examine the numbers yourself

    In the tool below you can explore some of the data on profitability, structure and employment in the fishing industry yourself.

    Prefer Excel?

    You can download selected accounting statistics for different parts of the industry, as a time series dating back to 1993. The Excel file also contains more information about how the data is constructed and the structure of the section we have used. 

    Download the Excel file below.

    About the profitability survey

    The survey was conducted for the first time in 1975, and has been conducted at Nofima since 1977. Since 1993, the survey has been nationwide. 

    A large volume of numerical data has been compiled and several databases have been created and have become important tools for the project. We have our own internal structural database that allows us to follow changes in the company and corporate structure in the industry. This consists of more than 3,000 companies that are or have been in operation in the period from 1993 to the present and contains data from several sources. 

    The profitability analyses are based on all available financial statements for the companies in the fish processing industry. The accounting database covering the same period as the structural database currently consists of figures taken from 12,000 financial statements from over 2,200 companies. The structural and accounting database includes the consumer industry, the fish meal and -oil industries, and companies that mainly trade in seafood, such as exporters. 

    These tools give us a unique opportunity to observe developments in the fish processing industry in different sectors and regions. We also have several databases with accounting figures and structural data for the years 1977-1992. This data mainly includes whitefish and shrimp industry companies from Northern Norway. Numerical material and databases have also become an important tool for other business economics projects at Nofima.

    Explanation of the numbers

    The operations survey in the fish processing industry is based on a comprehensive accounting database that is updated annually. 

    The profitability figures

    The profitability figures are based on a selection from the processing industry. The proportion of the population covered will vary slightly depending on the sector/industry you are studying. For each sector/industry, a company selection has been used to give as representative and correct a picture of profitability as possible. More information about the profitability figures can be found in the Excel file linked to at the bottom of this page.

    Our company census 

    Our company census provides an overview of the total number of production sites in different parts of the fishing industry. In the tool, these can be distributed according to type of production and by region where the enterprise is located.

    The employment figures

    The employment figures are based on statistics obtained from Statistics Norway (SSB), where Nofima has made some corrections to some figures. The figures are for the fishing industry as a whole, with the possibility of filtering by county/region.

    The exchange rate indexes

    The exchange rate indexes are calculated from exchange rate data combined with export data. Each index consists of several bilateral exchange rates and is weighted based on export patterns in the specific segment of the seafood industry that the index covers. The indexes are constructed on several different levels, from specific products up to the whole seafood industry.

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