The project aims to develop new and recyclable food packaging based on recycled cellulose fibers and removable barriers, so that these two parts can be sorted separately and recycled. The new solutions will enable the use of recycled cellulose fibers for high-quality packaging applications in contact with food without compromising their next recycling.

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01. Apr 2023


31. Mar 2026

Funded by

Research Council of Norway


The project is led by Nofima. Other partners are Norsus (research partner), Grønt Punkt Norge, Norsk Kylling, Sørlandschips, Borregaard, as well as Ranheim Paper & Board.


Food packaging plays an important role in protecting food and preserving its quality throughout the supply chain to consumers, thereby helping to reduce food waste. Unlike plastics, fiber-based materials such as paper and cardboard are not only recyclable, but also made from renewable resources. This gives the latter an advantage from a sustainability point of view. In response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, there is a growing interest in and demand on reducing the use of plastic materials for food packaging and replacing them with fiber-based alternatives.

ReFiber-Pack contributes in the following ways

  1. The new fiber-based solutions to be developed in the project will reduce the use of plastic for food packaging
  2. The new solutions will increase material recycling by using recycled cellulose fiber and being recyclable
  3. Will develop new knowledge and solutions that enable the consumers to choose environmentally friendly products, as well as promote more efficient sorting of packaging waste among consumers.

Main goal

Develop innovative and recyclable solutions for food packaging based on recycled cellulose fibers and removable barriers, to enable the use of recycled materials for high-value applications without compromising their recyclability, and thus contribute to achieving Norway’s circular economy goals.

Positive effects for industry and society

ReFiberPack will provide new knowledge and solutions within the use of recycled materials for food packaging. Norwegian industry can take advantage of these and implement them early. The results will also be useful for the food industry’s value chain, which by reducing the use of plastic packaging and reducing the environmental impact, can achieve sustainability goals.

The project will have a positive environmental impact by stimulating increased use of recycled and recyclable materials for food packaging, and thus increased recycling and circular use of the materials. Preserved and/or extended shelf-life of food can help prevent food waste.

Work packages in ReFiberPack