I am a senior scientist at Nofima working with food packaging. The focus point in my research is the effects of light and gas barrier properties of the packaging materials on the quality and shelf life of different foods, – especially methods for measuring oxygen transmission rate in packages and the effect of different oxygen barrier properties on the shelf life. Another field of interest is effect of various packaging methods on food quality and shelf life, with emphasis on modified atmosphere packaging. Recently I have focused on the challenging task to package living products such as fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables respire, and the gas permeability and perforations in the packages must be adapted to the produce respiration rates. I have a M.Sc. degree in Food Science (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 1985) and a PhD degree in food packaging (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2002). I have been employed at Nofima since 1988 in different positions.

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Food safety and quality

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