In this project we develop operational health and welfare indicators for farmed fish.

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The health and welfare of farmed and captured aquatic animals is becoming increasingly important for current and future aquaculture systems. We need to improve our understanding of their health and welfare status to strengthen the resilience and robustness of both the animals and the industry.


In the project FarmWELL we aim to create, evaluate and establish a joint, fit for purpose animal welfare and health ‘toolbox’ that Nofima can utilize as a standard approach for our current research portfolio and also any potential real-time health and welfare monitoring in the future.

By developing operational health and welfare indicators, the industry will be equipped with fit for purpose, knowledge-based assessment protocols, hence fostering the sustainable progress of aquaculture of both fin fish and invertebrates.

We will also work to increase the resilience and robustness of Norway’s major farmed product, Atlantic salmon, via early life stage programming using biological conditioning and by designing microbial ecosystem therapeutics to enhance performance during production.