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In just a few years, the aquaculture industry has substantially changed the way salmon are produced.

Until recently, the flow of water was standard technology for smolt production on land and cages in the sea until slaughter. Now there are more possibilities. 

Closed systems can be land-based where water is recycled (aka recirculating aquaculture systems or RAS) or sea-based, in which large floating tanks at sea pump up clean water from the depths of the sea.  

Such systems can provide better control of the production process. This makes it possible to reduce problems relating to mortality rates and salmon lice, as well as reduce the production time of farmed salmon. 

RAS is a production technology that will play a key role in the development of fish farming both in Norway and abroad.

Centre for research based innovation (SFI)

The SFI research centres are The Norwegian research council’s long-term initiative in innovative and strategically important areas.

CtrlAQUA is led by Nofima, and will lay the foundation for the development of closed-containment concepts of the future. 

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Film about how Nofima works with recirculating aquaculture systems

The film is in Norwegian language. Choose English subtitles.

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